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The PNG group welcomes you!

Relais Franciacorta offers a perfect balance of elegance and comfort, a haven for those who want to discover and experience the most authentic aspects of Franciacorta. Please fill in the reservation request form: in addition to your personal information, please tell us what you like, what you’d like to do and any special requests you may have, so that as soon as you arrive here you’ll feel at home, your affordable luxury home in Franciacorta.  


Relais Franciacortais the perfect venue.
A meeting, a conference, a presentation.

A business event at Relais Franciacorta is sure of having the most attractive, efficient setting. The ideal atmosphere for relaxing, recharging your batteries and planning new initiatives, without losing any of the professional quality and rigour of the workplace.

A platform for the future of your business.  

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Relais Franciacorta is delighted to host every couple’s most important day in an exclusive, private area to make it perfect. Every tiny detail is carefully planned to create the most intense experience. A beautiful setting surrounded by greenery, made extra special by exceptionally-appointed interiors, by a generous, welcoming food and hospitality service and by enchanting views of the gardens and splendid views.
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Relais Franciacorta acts as a link between its surrounding region and its guests so that they always feel that the Relais is their home away from home. This is our newsletter. And there’s plenty to talk about. If you’re interested in information about our activities, news about Relais Franciacorta, our surroundings and our special offers, please sign up now for our newsletter.

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Bike Tours
Relais Franciacorta offre ai propri ospiti la possibilità di scoprire l’anima segreta della sua terra attraverso quattro diversi itinerari tematici, da percorrere in mountain bike. I tour possono essere svolti in autonomia, oppure con il supporto di guide nazionali di mountain bike.
La Cantina

Not the place where wine is made and stored, but a rustic, exclusive space. Relais Franciacorta’s La Cantina is a restaurant where you can enjoy, in total privacy, dishes prepared by our chef. It also doubles as an entertainment space for private celebrations. This alone makes a trip to Franciacorta worthwhile.

Green energy
Green Energy ... clean energy!
Always aware of the environmental issues, Relais Franciacorta has decided to invest in improving the environmental impact of its business with the installation of the electric car charging station to allow its customers to enjoy a holiday of relaxation and pleasure, but at the same time respectful of the environment.